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French design and gel polish removal is included in all services

Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure

60-75 minutes

Structure Gel Manicures have a thicker clear base gel that give support and added strength to the natural nail. Dry manicuring is done using an electric file assist in proper adhesion of the gel to the natural nail. Gel is not soaked off but filed off using specialty drill bits but never filed down to the natural nail, just down to the clear base coat and then more gel is reapplied. This manicure is for those who prefer the look of their natural nails with gel polish,  2-3 week maintenance is recommended.


45-60 minutes

This manicure is for those who prefer traditional nail polish or no polish with a focus on cuticle care. A dry manicure is preformed with an electric file using specialty cuticle bits safe for use on natural nails. Overall cuticle health is the main focus of this manicure as it is finished with cuticle oil and a light massage to hydrate after cuticle work. 

Traditional Manicure


Sugar scrub, callus treatment, and massage is included in all pedicures. French design and gel polish removal is included in all services

Gel Pedicure

Gel Pedicure

60-75 Minutes

The Dry Heel Pedicure is included with the added benefit of gel polish on toes. This pedicure is perfect for those who want to put their shoes right back on after their pedicure, those who hike and run, and those who want to extend the life of their pedicure with the durable shine and resilience of gel polish. 4-6 week maintenance is recommended.


60-75 Minutes

An all encompassing pedicure that includes soaking in a Footsie Bath (non jetted tub) with one time use only liners. The focus of this pedicure is dry heel care using different exfoliating techniques to smooth the heels and add in moisture. This pedicure would serve both women and men alike. 4-6 week maintenance is recommended.

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